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How we may benefits you:

  • We help you fill your downtimes.
  • You have complete control over accepting rides and prices
  • No registration or partner fee
  • You are paid what you agreed to upon accepting – no deductions
  • Regular payments and automated invoices
  • We do the marketing for you

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Please complete the registration form to start your registration as a Black Limo Line Partner.

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How it Works

Accepting a Ride

Our technology connects passengers and drivers seamlessly via the dispatch. Accept a ride and you will have all necessary details on hand, e.g. passengers’ details, pickup and drop-off time, and location. After the ride has completed, you can review it with dispatch and we will process the payment.

Plan Your Workday

Most of our rides are booked in advance so you can accept the ones that best fit your schedule. You are notified as soon as there is a new offer available in your business district. Taking a passenger to the airport? Why not see if Black Limo Line has an assignment for you to pick up one of our passengers from the airport at the same time?

Regular Payment

Accept as many offers as you can handle – there is no minimum or maximum number of rides you have to accept. You will receive regular payments for the rides you have carried out directly to your PayPal or bank account

Why Black Limo Line?

Grow Your Business with Black Limo Line

We are committed to keeping you busy! There are hundreds of rides every day that you can accept to fill your downtimes. Our technology puts you in charge of your earnings.

Complete Control from Your Side

You are not obliged to accept any rides – you have complete control of whether you wish to take advantage of our offers or the price they are going for. The amount shown with each offer is the minimum that will be transferred to your account – we deduct no further fees or taxes.

Tools to Succeed

Our team is focused on making your business a success. Every partner is updated about every offer in their business district; every partner will be able to see offers at the same time in out wesite. You will get regular updates on your performance and we will keep you in the loop about events and improvements.

Using Black Limo Line is Simple

No hassle when using Black Limo Line. Easy-to-use site, clear offers, no preferred partners, no registration fees, no journey forms to fill out, no need to carry cash. All you need to do is deliver a great user experience and we will take care of the rest.


You can register with Black Limo Line if you operate with vehicles like business or first class limousines or vans. The system works for companies with one car as well as companies with multiple cars and drivers.
Safety and comfort is of utmost importance to Black Limo Line. Your vehicle(s) should always be in a technically and optically perfect condition. Furthermore, your vehicle(s) should be non-smoking vehicle(s) and undergo regular interior and exterior cleaning.
All vehicles must be licensed and insured accordingly to all requirements for limousine services in your business district. All drivers must have the required documents as well. All drivers should be fluent in the local language and have a basic knowledge of English. Additional languages are an advantage.
Fill out the form above to get started immediately- we can’t wait to put you on the road!